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My name is Father Gregory Wassen.  I am a priest in the Anglican Catholic Church, the husband of Sarah Wassen, and the daddy of Cassian Wassen and Breandan Wassen. I am also an admirer of St. Benedict and the Benedictine Tradition. Most of all I am interested in the strain that runs from Origen, through John Cassian to Sts. Gregory the Great and Saint Benedict. 

I was ordained to the holy Diaconate by Abp. Seraphim of Ottowa and all Canada (OCA) on Sept. 14th, 2007 and to the Holy Priesthood by His Beatitude Metropolitan Jonah on Jan. 30ieth 2009 and have served my parish internship at St. Gregory the Theologian’s Orthodox Church in Wappingers Falls, NY under Frs. Alexis Vinogradov and Michael Plekon. When vacationing in Cleveland (OH) with Sarah’s family we visited St. Innocent of Alaska Orthodox Church in Olmsted Falls.

From there we have moved on Saint Francis, WI (sandwiched between South Milwaukee and Milwaukee), where I have served St. Herman of Alaska’s Orthodox Chapel in West Bend for a few months during the recovery of their beloved Priest in Charge. After the recovery of their Priest in Charge my family and I moved to Europe. Having spent a few months in he Netherlands I found secular employment in Dublin, Ireland. Sadly that employment was discontinued due to the crisis which hit Ireland recently (2010) and we moved back to the United States where my wife has found employment but I have not been so lucky. While in the States my family and I have been received into the Anglican Catholic Church by Bp. Rommie Starks, so that I am no longer an Eastern Orthodox but an Anglican Catholic Priest. I was appointed Curate at Holy Guardian Angels Parish in Lantana Florida. A year and a half later I was called to be the Priest in Charge of the Church of Our Redeemer in Marietta, GA. This wonderful little Parish has been our home and base for another year and a half. Once it became clear the Parish could no longer sustain a full-time Priest and needed to go back to having visitor Priests serve them my family and I began the process of returning to Europe.

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  1. Dear Fr. Gregory,

    I have read some of your responses on “Fr. Hunwicke’s liturgical Notes,” and I wish to write to say how much I have enjoyed your voice or reason and sanity.

    I too have seen our Church simply overtaken by the, mostly convert, superdox and it has been very depressing indeed. The whole issue now even in Antioch in re-baptising converts is more than simply a small problem; it is indeed heretical.

    When I was a seminarian in St. Sergius in Paris I noticed that the support for the most extreme voices was gaining ground even at that time.

    I am also happy to see that you are a member of the OCA, I am hoping, perhaps foolishly, that a new movement is afoot in the OCA that will help it escape from its Russian captivity and be more open to other liturgical expressions within its walls. I formerly belonged to the Western Rite Vicariate of the Antiochian Archdiocese, but the problems within their archdioces are well know and am presently simply considering a return to the Anglicanism of my ancestors waiting for Orthodoxy to return to some sense or normalcy.

    Wishing you all the best!

  2. Fr. Gregory,
    I’m writing on pneumatology in ascetic theology. These days, I’ve been reading Evagrius, and noticed your translation of Fr. Gabriel. I wonder which text you are translating, and if you have other translations. Please email me.


  3. Dear FR. Gregory!!!!!!

    Remember me? How wonderful that you are now a
    priest. Truely, how wonderful. Well
    I am trying to get in touch with you as I am trying
    to edit and continue the lovely web site you and your lovely wife made for us.

    I can not seem to get the password right to gain
    entry, I bet your wife wound remember it if you do not.

    And God be praised you have a child!!! God grant you all wisdom, and strength to live. it
    yours in Him, P. Constance Moes

  4. Beste vader Gregory,
    Via onze schoondochter Hannan (kende je van Amersfoort, zelf nu Deventer en OJN) hoorde ik van jouw wijding tot priester door de door mij hooggeachte metropoliet Jonah. Veel goede jaren.
    Googelend vond ik de bevestiging van jullie terugkeer naar Nederland.
    Wat een zegen voor ons land.

    Ik hoop dat Sarah en jij spoedig werk kunt vinden dat bij jullie past en dat zich laat verenigen met het leven van een priesterechtpaar.

    Mocht je een zondag in de buurt van Amersfoort zijn, weet dat dat je hier van harte welkom was, bent en blijft. Het zal ons een groot plezier zijn om samen met jullie de Goddelijke Liturgie te viere.

    Namens je oude parochie wens ik jullie een heel goede tijd.

    Gedenk in je heilige gebeden
    de Parochie van de heilige Cornelius de Honderdman
    te Amersfoort
    en haar rector,
    de jouwe in Jezus de Christus,


  5. Father Gregory,

    Being an Irishman myself I would be interested in anything you write about your Irish experiences and the life of Orthodoxy there.

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